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The Endowment Program Blackhawk Area

Parents today look to the Boy Scouts of America to help reinforce their family values and traditions using BSA programs. Even as unanticipated change sweeps our society, we will continue to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Blackhawk Area Council has adopted the theme “More Than a Lifetime of Impact… It’s a Legacy!”. And now, through the creation of the new “Forever Funds,” the council will seek to provide those timeless values to future generations of American children.

The Blackhawk Area Council, with the help of the National BSA, has created an endowment program through which contributions can be made directly to the council. All contributions to the Blackhawk Area Council’s Forever Funds will have a direct impact on local youth. The council’s Executive Board, consisting of elected volunteers, oversees the investment, management, and distribution of financial resources generated by the Forever Funds.

Forever Funds

Trustworthy Fund

The Trustworthy Fund insures the long term delivery of the Scouting experience and values to thousands of council youth today and tomorrow by supporting all needs of the council.

Adventure Fund

The Adventure Fund provides support for maintenance and improvements of all council camps, properties, and programming.

Be Prepared Fund

The Be Prepared Fund protects the council against the uninsured portion of financial emergencies, and provides the council with the means to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

Promise Fund

The Promise Fund provides camperships and other assistance to needy council youth, as well as helping to keep council fees affordable for everyone.


Heritage Society

The Heritage Society is the name given to the recognition fellowship of those who make Forever Gifts to the Blackhawk Area Council. Forever gifts are in addition to the donor’s annual Friends of Scouting gift.

James E. West Fellowship

The James E. West Fellowship Award is available for gifts of $1,000 and above. James E. West was the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America. The recognition includes a pin, certificate with document holder, and a uniform knot. Additional West Fellowships Incremental levels are as follows: Bronze: $1000, Silver: $5000, Gold: $10,000 and Diamond $15,000.

Second Century Society

This award recognizes an outright gift of $25,000 or more payable over five years, or a deferred gift of $100,000 or more, to a local council for operation, capital, or endowment funds.  It may also be used to recognize  lifetime giving to the council across the three fund categories. Recognition levels exist at “Members with Distinction” at $100,000. Deferred Gifts of $500,000 or more are “Legacy Members.”

President’s Leadership Council

A $1,000,000 or greater gift to or through the BSA Foundation, payable over five years, or as part of an advised fund, trust, or other foundation fund structure.


Outright Gifts

Outright gifts of cash, securities, and other assets can be made to the Blackhawk Area Council. Multi-year gifts are often used to meet an individual’s desire to make a significant gift on terms that fit their own circumstances.

Gift Annuity

This is a gift to Scouting in exchange for a guaranteed lifetime income and a charitable tax deduction as well.

Life Estate Gift

Individuals can gift a home, cottage, or farm, while maintaining use of the property for life or a period of years, and still recognize a charitable tax deduction now.

Wills and Trusts

The Blackhawk Area Council can be named as the beneficiary in a will, or in a specially tailored trust document that can guarantee an income stream to the donor’s family for a period of years.

Your Will and Your Charitable Interests

Statistics show that about 70 percent of the adults in this country do not have a valid will. Those without wills are passing up the chance to distribute their estate according to their wishes, rather than those of the state.

A will can provide many ways for you to benefit your local council, as well as your church, schools, and other worthy organizations. For example, you can leave your council a percentage of your estate after your family has been taken care of. Or you can designate that a specific amount, or piece of property, be given to the council. Memorial gifts, as well as charitable trusts that generate income for your surviving spouse and other family members, are also commonly included in a properly drawn will.

Call Tom Brooks at the council service center, 815-397-0210, and request more information about giving to Scouting through your will. There are many ways to make a significant gift to our council while also protecting your estate for your family and other organizations. Let us know how we can help.

Gifts You Can Give All Year Long

The Gift of Praise. Make appropriate mention—in front of the other person—of superior qualities of a job well done.

The Gift of Inspiration. Plant seeds of courage and action in the other person’s heart. Help him or her to strive for greater accomplishment and lasting satisfaction.

The Gift of Presence. In sickness, in trouble, or in the day of great joy, there is nothing quite equal to your personal expression of sympathy or congratulations.

The Gift of Gratitude. Never forger to say “Thank You”—and never fail to mean it.

The Gift of Consideration. Be careful of the other person’s feelings. This includes seeing his viewpoint and having the humility to say, “You’re right and I’m wrong.”

The Gift of Attention. When the other person speaks, listen attentively. If his or her words are directed to you personally, meet his or her eye squarely.

These are the gifts we can all bestow throughout the year, and be richer for the giving.