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Uniforms and Physicals

The Wood Badge training course is a uniformed activity. The uniform you wear will be the offical Field Uniform ("Class A") for your registered position in Scouting. The Field Uniform includes a Scout shirt, Scout slacks or shorts, Scout socks and a Scout belt. A hat and activity shirt will be provided as part of your course fee.

Please make sure all patches and insignia are correctly placed on your uniform.

Physicals and Medical Forms

Although not strenuous, Wood Badge is a fast paced course with many activities and held in a camp setting. All participants must provide a current BSA "Annual Health and Medical Record" with Part A-C completed. Please understand, we cannot allow you to participate without a current medical form. Upon registration you will be mailed a medical form for your use, or you may download one from this website.

If you have any questions about Wood Badge feel free to contact Course Director, Meg Struttman, or contact the Council Service Center