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Wanchanagi Roundtable

(Boone & Winnebago counties)

Each month we hold a roundtable for unit leaders. It is not just for the Cubmaster or Scoutmaster. It is for all leaders including den leaders,  committee members, and all assistants.The purposes of roundtable are to

  • Provide the skill to do – abilities to make a successful unit operation.
  • Provide the will to do – helps recharge our batteries to provide desire to help the youth.

Wanchanagi District (Winnebago and Boone Counties)  holds roundtable on the second Thursday of the month.  The roundtable staff is excited to have everyone attend and  to meet the needs of the units. To include as much content to the event as possible, we will be adding some new features.

Roundtable usually start at 6:45 p.m. June is earlier because we are outside. We will start @ 6:30 pm in June.

 Normally we will continue to have breakout sessions for both levels, but we will also add a  breakout focusing on a specific topic. 

Next Roundtable

June 8th, 2017 6:30pm

Council Program Center

Cherry Valley, IL


The Wanchanagi June Roundtable will be held at the Council Program Center (Cherry Valley, behind Kegel Harley) @ 6:30 PM on Thursday, June 8th.

For anyone who doesn’t know, we always hold the June Roundtable outdoors. The Order of the Arrow grills hot dogs & burgers and everyone is encouraged to bring your own eating utensils (bring an official BSA mess kit if you want!). District volunteers (and anyone else willing) are encouraged to bring side dishes & desserts. There is less program, other than announcements, but we will focus on getting ready for the 2017-2018 program year and enjoying each other’s company!


The earlier start time is so we aren’t outside in the dark…