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Wood Badge C7-660-11-1

Course was held at Camp Lowden, Aug and Sept 2011.
This course was the first to embrace the new Course Numbering Scheme
National set forth.  'C' for Central Region, '7' for Area 7, '660' for Blackhawks Number,
'11' for year 2011, and '1' for the first Course given a number in BAC that year.
The course held 33 participants, and included a two service projects; first was to
add a secondary pentagon wrapping around the flag post in the parking lot,
while the second project included adding sign posts throughout the camp to help
new youth and leaders find their campsites.

Lets Meet the Staff.


Course Director/





Michael J. Condon V., accepted the position of Course Director for
C7-660-11-1. He currently serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 152, an Associate Advisor for Crew 165, Chairman for Sycamore District, nd as the Central Region Area 7 Powder Horn Coordinator. 
Mike has volunteered on several different scouting events including Lord Baden Powell University, Pow Wow, Show and Do, Next Step, Trainer Development, Webelos Leader Outdoor Training, Baloo, and Scoutmaster Leader Training.

  Over Mike’s 17 years of Scouting he has earned several different awards including District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver.
Mike also served as the Course Director for Central Region’s 2009 Powder Horn Course that was hosted by Blackhawk Area Council.
C7-660-11-1 will be Mike’s 8th Wood Badge staff experience.
ASM Program
ASM for Facilities
ASM Troop Guides
ASM Administation
Senior Patrol Leader
Course Advisor


Troop Guide
    Nichole Wiest (C-24-05 Fox)
Blair Piotrowsk, (C-23-07 Owl)
Daneil A. Banko, (C-21-02 Fox)
Jean Rogers, (C-21-02 Bear)
Mary Stromberg, (C-23-07 Eagle) 
Dave Savone, (Fox)
Kyle Baker, (C-25-08 Eagle)
Bill Brosch, (C-23-07 Antelope)   
Tim Marx, (C-25-08 Eagle)
Matthew Kellas, (C-54-09 Bear)
Gail Krec, (2004; 2010: Fox)   
Tom Takahashi, (C-54-09 Beaver)
Manny Torres, (C-54-09 Buffalo)
Joe Zaranski, (C-25-08 Owl)
John Cornacchia, (C-54-09 Fox)
Sandy Schwartz, (C-29-04 Eagle)
Chris Walls, (C-23-07 Buffalo)