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Wood Badge C-16-10

Course was held at Camp Lowden, Aug and Sept 2010.
On this course we added the Woodbadge Pentagon in the dining hall.
We also added serval Housing units to help the local Bat populations and the
parking lot flag pole recieved a make over by adding a Woodbadge pentagon
surrounding it.  Thus allowing for a flower bed to be added.

Lets Meet the Staff.

Course Director
  Daniel Banko is the Scoutmaster/Course Director for C-16-10. Dan has been involved in Scouting for 24 years. Dan has also served on JLT Youth Staff, National Camp School, BALOO, WLOT, Outdoor Skills for Leaders and Scoutmaster Specific. When he’s not Scouting, Dan enjoys camping and spending time with his wife, Laurie, and two children Danny Jr. and Grace. When you meet Dan, ask him about his first Jamboree experience at Fort AP Hill in 1982.
This is Dan’s 6th Wood Badge staff experience.
ASM Program.    Michael J. Condon V
ASM Facilities   Jean Rogers
ASM Troop Guides   Kathy Reeter 
ASM Administation   Nichole Wiest
Senior Patrol Leader   Blair Piotrowski
Course Advisor   Dave Savone
Scribe   Meg Struttman
    Mike Grebner
Quartermaster   Brent Pierson
    Jean Wurtzel
    John Cornacchia
    Randy Goerdt
Troop Guide   Bill Brosch
    Matt Rogers
    Sandra Schultz
    Robert Ziminsky
    Mary Stromberg
    Connie Berg
    Greg Buck
    Sheri Geishecker