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Sycamore's, The Jeff Clark Spirit Award

An annual award to recognize two Scouts in the District who, like Jeff Clark, really show their Scout Spirit, living by the Scout Oath and Law

Jeff Clark was a member of Troop 166 in Fox River Grove, Illinois.

He reached the rank of Eagle Scout on Oct. 24, 1995, one day before he and six of his Cary Grove High School classmates were tragically killed when an express commuter train hit their school bus in Fox River Grove, Illinois.

Jeff was involved in Scouts for eight years from Cub Scouts through Eagle in both his native state of Washington and here in Illinois. He truly loved nature and the outdoors and he liked the fact that Scouting provided him many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it was a Troop camp out or a high adventure outing to places like Philmont, Jeff always had fun, met new people and discovered new learning experiences.

Jeff lived his life honoring the Scout Oath and Law. In Jeff's memory a special Sycamore District award has been established. All active Scouts in the District are eligible to participate and attempt to earn this award. Scouts just need to complete the enclosed application. The award recipients will receive an engraved plaque and one of the following three choices. First, they may choose to receive $200.00 toward Summer Camp fees either in Council or out. Second, they may choose to receive $200.00 toward a High Adventure fee. Third, they may choose to receive $200.00 to be placed in the Scout's individual Scout Account within their unit to be used for Scout related expenses.

This annual award will honor and recognize two Scouts in the District who, like Jeff Clark, really show their Scout Spirit. Are you a Scout that lives by the Scout Oath and Scout Law and actively participate in your Troop by attending outings, summer camp, earning rank advancement and merit badges, holding positions of responsibility, etc?

Show that your Scout spirit is soaring high like Jeff's by completing the application by January 15th.

The Jeff Clark Committee will complete the judging and selection process by February 8th.

To make a nomination of a Scout, please download the following files:

After Complelting the Nomination Form, Please Send to the following:

Michael Ancheta 

Attn: Jeff Clark Scout Spirit Award

600 N IL Rt. 31, Suite A

Crystal Lake, IL 60012

NOTE: Once your form is received by the Administrator, you will be contacted confirming receipt of the nomination

Past Award Recipients:


James M. Friend

Troop 160


Matthew Westfallen

Troop 329


Lars Petersdorff

Troop 166


William Wickersty

Troop 127


Nicholas Janka

Troop 166


Michael McLaughlin

Troop 455


Ehren Braun

Troop 132


Gabriel Jankowski

Troop 329


Craig Carlson

Troop 160


Colin Boysen

Troop 368


Zachary Joswiak

Troop 158


Michael Randles

Troop 657


Kara Niles

Crew 165


Nicholas Patzer

Troop 155


Malachy Breslin

Troop 161


Hunter Bjork

Troop 166


Adam Payseur

Troop 550


Andrew Friend

Troop 160


Liam Gaha

Troop 657


Cory Masterson

Troop 166


Daniel Munao

Troop 127


David Niles

Troop 165


Cormick Breslin

Troop 161


Lenny Flores

Troop 657


Mark Hegreberg

Troop 165


Samuel Payseur

Troop 550


Bryce Struttman

Troop 152


Matthew Torres

Troop 368


Kevin Kandler

Troop 166


Joseph Perrone

Troop 167


Nicholas Stanger

Troop 161


Kevin Wright

Troop 171


Mason Gennardo

Troop 152


Alex Kaskas

Troop 166


Brian Mudra

Troop 165


Thomas Slater

Troop 161


Dan Banko, Jr.

Troop 152


Jared Ewert

Troop 190


Gary Hausl

Troop 222


Jorden Kleinfelter

Troop 369


Matt Claypool

Troop 190


Jonathan Manke

Troop 329


Andy Domoto

Troop 161


Judy Rogers

Crew 460

    The recipients will have a choice of one of the following awards:

    • $200.00 toward Summer Camp fees
    • $200.00 toward High Adventure fees
    • $200.00 toward their unit Scout Account to be used for Scout-related expenses