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Lodge Executive Committee (LEC)


Wulapeju Lodge is run by youth Arrowmen under the guidance of selected adult advisers. Each function of the Lodge is the responsibility of an elected or appointed youth. The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) is made up of the Lodge officers (listed below) and the Chapter Chiefs. The LEC meets monthly except during the month of July.


Lodge Chief Alan H. (Adv: Chuck Natoli)
Vice Chief of Activities Chris S. (Adv: Dan Dick)
Vice Chief of Administration Tyler S. (Adv: Charlie Payseur)
Vice Chief of Communications Riley C. (Adv: Russ Friend)
Vice Chief of Finance Jarod K. (Adv: Brian Preston)
Lodge Advisor Chuck Natoli Click here to email the Lodge Advisor
Staff Advisor Emily Cox
Supreme Chief of the Fire Don Kinney

Chapter Officers and Advisors

Gokhos Chapter Chief Carter K. (Adv: Rick Rhoads)
Kishwaukee Chapter Chief Aidan K. (Adv: Manny Torres)
Mawat Chapter Chief Dylan B. (Adv: Denny Johnson)
Wetassa Chapter Chief Connor R. (Adv: Dr. Hanson)
Wulowachtauwoapin Chapter Chief Grant G. (Adv: Jim Connors)