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Wulapeju Lodge #140 

 2014 Fall Conclave Registration Form please click here. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click here for the 2014 Summer Flight.

See below for Lodge Officer Election information. Elections will be held for Lodge positions at the Fall Conclave

REMEMBER : New Ordeals must go through their Ordeal with in ONE year after the OA election. Also if it has been 10 months since you did your Ordeal you should be planing on sealing your membership with the OA by doing your Brotherhood.

 August 15-17 Fall Conclave at Camp Lowden. LEC meeting Sunday morning.


October 10-12 Air Camp at Rockford airport. LEC Meeting Sunday morning. Kishwaukee OA Chapter needs Help and lots of it from all OA members for Air Camp. Please let me know ASAP how many OA members from each Troop are planing to help out at Air Camp. If your Troop is camping at Air Camp Then all OA members should be helping out.


The 2014 Dues forms are now on the OA Forms page or click here to go to them.



Below are the Election Procedures we will be following at the Fall Conclave for Wulapeju Lodge. These procedures are spelled out in our Lodge Officers Manual. Anyone wishing to hold a Lodge Office must follow the procedures listed below to be placed on the Lodge Officer Ballot. Nominations will not be taken from the floor. The letter of intent to run should state the position or positions the Arrowman wishes to run for. You will not be able to run for a position that the letter of intent did not state. For example if you wish to run for Secretary and are not elected to that position you cannot then run for Treasurer, if only the Secretary position was stated in the letter of intent.  Since the Lodge Chief will be on summer camp staff it would be best to send the nomination letters to the Lodge Advisor at to ensure a timely review. These letters must be received by July 4, 2014 to be considered. Below are the positions and a description of the position.

Chuck Natoli, OA Lodge Advisor


ELECTION PROCEDURES According to the Lodge Officers Manual Article 2, Section 3, Sub-Sections 1 - 3

 An active member wishing to run for an office(s) must make his intentions known to the Lodge Chief or his designate in writing, in care of the Council service center, at least 30 days prior to the election. The prospective candidate must meet with the Lodge Advisor or Lodge Chief prior to the election. These can also be emailed to the Lodge Advisor at

After proper examination of his qualification and the approval of the Lodge Advisor or Lodge Chief, his name shall be placed in nomination.

Lodge officers shall be elected at and installed at the Fall Conclave. Each Chapter shall have 10 votes per officer election, to cast in any way they see fit. Votes shall be cast in whole numbers. The Chapter Chief shall tum in the results. In the absence of the Chapter Chief, the Vice Chief or a youth representative shall turn in the votes. The candidate who receives the most votes will be elected.

If there is no candidate for a particular office, that office will be filled by an appointment made by the Lodge Chief with the approval of the Lodge Executive Committee within thirty days. He must meet the same eligibility requirement as the other officers.


Lodge Chief

Shall preside over all Lodge functions and is the Chairman of the Lodge Executive Committee.

Shall, in conjunction with the Lodge Staff Advisor, and the Lodge Advisor, prepare a Lodge calendar for the year.

Shall assist the Lodge Staff Advisor in obtaining renewal of the Lodge Charter.

Shall appoint all committee chairmen and create special committees or positions as may be require from time to time with the approval of the Lodge Executive Committee and Lodge Advisor.

Shall represent the Lodge at Council, Area and National events. Must attend all Council of Chiefs, (COC), meetings and Council Camping Committee meetings

Maintain strict adherence to the Council program and policies of the Lodge.

Communicate with the Lodge Advisor regularly.

Attend and preside at all Lodge committee meetings or any other meetings of the Lodge.

Appoint chairman to operating committees upon the recommendation of the Lodge Advisor and the Staff Advisor.

Appoint Lodge members to operating committees in consultation with the Lodge Advisor and the Staff Advisor.

Invite and secure attendance of Lodge officers and committee chairmen at meetings of Lodge Operating Committees to accomplish assignments.

Plan and conduct all Lodge operations through the Lodge officers and the committee chairmen.

Delegate assignments to fellow Lodge officers and committee chairmen as needed to accomplish Lodge program.

Assure the Chapter operation gives complete support to the Lodge program.

Initiate Lodge service projects with the advice and approvals of advisors.

Appoint a Lodge Vigil Honor Nominating Committee Chairman.

Give positive leadership to officers of the Lodge through the delegation of duties and follow-up of achievements.

Participate in Council committees and functions to which he is appointed, with the approval of the Scout Executive.

Administer successful Lodge operation through a coordinated program of activities and other functions with the counsel and guidance of advisors and the Scout Executive.

Perform as a positive role model for ALL scouts and arrow men.

Lodge Vice-Chief of Activities

Assists the Lodge Chief.

 Substitutes in the Chiefs absence.

Is coordinator of all Lodge activity committees

Lodge Vice-Chief of Administration

Chairman of the Lodge Unit Elections Committee.

Serves as a resource to Chapter Chiefs.

Coordinator of Lodge Administrative Committees.

Promotes Troop / Team Representative Concept.

Lodge Secretary

Maintains the permanent Lodge records in the Council office.

Collects Lodge dues and issues membership cards.

Records minutes of all Lodge and Lodge Executive Committee meetings.

Is the chairman of the Lodge Publications Committee.

Gives election notification and maintains candidate records.

Handles registration of the candidates for both Ordeal and Brotherhood.

 Maintains a duplicate set of the permanent Lodge minutes

Coordinates Brotherhood classes.  

Lodge Treasurer

Shall present a treasury report at each Lodge Executive Committee meeting.

Shall be responsible for the Lodge trading post, keeping an inventory of the trading post and shall be responsible for the sales of said items. (This includes running the trading post and setting hours of operation during an event.)

Shall prepare a Lodge budget for the year in tenure.

Shall disburse funds at the direction of the Lodge Executive Committee.

Shall keep an accurate record of all Lodge finances.

Shall order such supplies as needed by the Lodge with the approval of the Lodge Executive Committee and the Staff Advisor. Any other duties assigned to him.

If you have any questions on the Election Procedures please contact Chuck Natoli the Lodge Advisor at