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10 Ideas for Increasing Cub Scout Retention in Your Pack

1.     Quality Leaders. Cub Scouts need quality leaders. Boys deserve trained, responsible leadership, leaders who enjoy boys and have pride and commitment in being a Cub Scout leader.

2.     Quality Program. Present a quality Cub Scout program for boys built around the Cub Scout purposes. Make it a fun-filled, well-planned, year-round program.

3.     Pride in Being a Cub Scout. Develop pride in your boys. Make and display den and pack flags, do fun and important things together, develop great den and pack spirit.

4.     Fun – Fun – Fun: KISMIF. Develop a year-round program – weekly den meetings with fun games, instant recognition, singing, preparation for pack meeting, monthly pack meetings will meaningful advancements, ceremonies, skits, outside activities with day camps, field trips, community events.

5.     Recognition and Advancement. Recognize boys and parents. Boys like earned recognition presented in impressive and meaningful ways. Advancement is the result of an effective Cub Scout program.

6.     Parent Involvement – Induct families, not just boys. Involve and invite the entire family to participate. Cub Scouting is a family program that can aid family unity.

7.     Uniforming. Cub Scouting is a uniformed organization. Make wearing the uniform important and orient parents to the importance of proper uniforming.

8.     Communication. Develop good communication in your pack. Have annual planning meetings, yearly calendars, monthly planning meetings. Telephone-calling sessions, e-mail, newsletters, etc., prove to be beneficial. Develop den meetings around the Cub Scouts’ wants and needs.

9.     Chartered Organization and Pack Committee. A good relationship between the chartered organization and pack committee is vital. Work together to build a quality pack. Work with the council in effectively using the renewal plan.

10.   District and Council Activities. Have your pack take advantage of activities offered by district and council, such as day camps, Scout Shows, bicycle safety, physical fitness, and learn-to-swim activities, service projects, parades, pinewood and space derbies, etc.