Awards and Recognition

Awards are recognitions that Scouts and adults are presented when others wish to honor them for accomplishment. Some awards for individuals are proposed, approved, and presented without the recipients' request or participation. Others have requirements than must be completed.

The Silver Beaver Award

Nominate an Adult Scouter for above and beyond service to their Unit, District and Council. This form must be returned to the Council by November 1, 2018

NEW Online Silver Beaver Nomination form CLICK HERE! External Link

To fill out the nomination form you will need:

Your - Name, address, phone, email, unit, scouting position, council, and district

The nominee's - Name, address, phone, email, spouse's name, employer, occupation, scouting unit & position,  council, district, history of scouting positions: Unit level (Unit, position, dates held) - District level (District, position, dates held) - Council level (Council, position, dates held) - Community / Other organizations (Organization, position, dates held). 

Lastly in each section you will have the opportunity to share instances of outstanding leadership held at each level.

* Except field asking for the nominee's name please do not use their name in any of the other sections. Each application is judged on its own merit and anonymously by the committee. 

As quickly as possible after the Committee reviews all nominations the nominator will be notified of the outcome.

Please email Emily Cross, Blackhawk Area Council Program Director with any questions at: