The Blackhawk Courier

Editor: Mary Anne Rounds

The Blackhawk Courier is the official newsletter of Blackhawk Area Council. It is published bi-monthly and is sent to households of all registered Scouters in the council. The "Internet Courier" is published in the alternating months. 

Not Getting the Courier?

If you are not presently receiving the Courier, are you sure you are registered with the BSA at the Council office? We print our mailing labels from the official Council registration roster. Contact the Council Registrar at 815-397-0210, ext. 7512.

Send An Article Or Photo!

Want to submit an article about an upcoming event? Perhaps send in a Photo about last week's camping adventure? Send Typed copy and photos to . 

If you have a premade flyer as a PDF file, send it, but please try to send the original word file, publisher file, etc so we can easily resize it for the Courier.

Use Adobe Reader to see the latest Courier and other documents

Earn A Reporters Patch!

Place an Scout article in a local publication and earn a REPORTER"S PATCH.

A great way for Scouts to submit and article & photo to the Courier Newsletter!

How to submit your item

Items for the newsletter are provided by Scouters throughout the council and districts as well as district and council committees.

District copy should be sent to the appropriate district executive. Volunteers (troops, packs, crews, etc.) should submit copy through their district executive. Council copy should be sent to [Click for member's page], Photos should be sent to

Please note that copy received after the deadline date risks not making it into publication!

Tips for articles that will be read

  • Include a photograph of Scouts having fun that is close to the action.  A distant shot of a large group does not make a good picture.
  • Include who, what, where, why, how, and when
  • Use very few words to sell the excitement.  Short articles are more likely to be read.  Your great message may be lost if your long article is skimmed or ignored.

Be sure your article:

  • Has correct information.  Double-check your date, time, place, cost, deadline, contact name, phone number, etc.
  • Concurs with BSA and council policies.
  • Speaks ill of no one and reinforces Scouting values.