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Boeger Leadership Center

The mission of the Boeger Leadership Center is to provide transnational experiences through ethics-driven leadership programs and quality retreat services.



Email Emily Cross  Program Director for Reservations

The Boeger Leadership Center is a retreat and leadership education center owned and operated by the Blackhawk Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Our retreat center, the Boeger Lodge, is located at Camp Lowden in Oregon, IL and is a great place for a day long event or a residential retreat.  The Lodge is available for rent year round to various groups.                          

The Boeger Leadership Center also offers leadership education programs.  All programs center on servant leadership and vary in length from a four hour day program to multiple night residential programs.  In addition, the Boeger Leadership Academy is a four to nine month program during which participants are taught leadership skills and subsequently put those skills to practice through the development and implementation of service project(s) within their community.

 About Us: 

Youth leadership development and the Boy Scout of America have gone hand in hand for over 100 years.  In 2005, Jim Boeger, a well-know community and scouting leader from Rockford, Illinois, stepped forward and made a sizable donation to the Blackhawk Area Council for the development of a leadership center.  In mid 2007, a committee was formed to make Jim Boeger’s vision a reality. 

The committee began their journey focusing on creating a new leadership program and to build a facility that would house the program. The program was to be created in such a manner that, not only could it be taught to Scouts, but to various youth groups.  The facility was formed by Jim Boeger’s vision of a multi-use residential facility designed to have the warmth and comfort of a log cabin. 

After two years of hard work by dedicated committee members, volunteers, and staff members the Boeger Leadership Center began operations with the completion of the Boeger Lodge in November of 2009.

Upon the completion of the Lodge, a Boeger Leadership Center Director was hired and with the help of the committee, programming and retreat services continued to be developed.


Leadership Programs:

Upon return from a program at the Boeger Leadership Center your facility will be filled with confident leaders who excel at time management, communication, decision making, and much more.  These leaders will not only be able to set goals but accomplish them through the ability to form effective teams. 

The Boeger Leadership Center offers multiple program options at the Boeger Lodge and at your location.  At the Boeger Lodge multiple indoor and outdoor settings are utilized in an effort to reach all learning types. 

• Day Programs:

Day programs range in length from four to six hours and can take place at your specific location or at the Boeger Lodge.  Participants are introduced to various leadership skills such as communication, team building, and time management.  These skills are taught through a variety of teaching methods including role playing, group challenges, and hands-on activities. 

• Residential Program:

One or two-night residential programs are available year-round.  These programs are designed to introduce leadership skills, while taking participants out of their normal surroundings.  Each program is tailored to meet a group’s specific goal.  Residential programs include all daytime programming, meals, and sole access to the Boeger Lodge.  Additional areas through out the Camp Lowden property are available, depending upon the time of year.  This includes hiking trails, climbing tower, additional cabins, and more.

• Leadership Academy:

The Boeger Leadership Academy is a four to nine month long leadership development program that is tailored to each group’s needs.  The goal of the Academy is to develop strong leadership skills in its participants and to put those leadership skills to use in the development and implementation of a participant chosen/lead service project within their own community.

The participants will meet, at least once a month for approximately 1.5 hours, based on the group’s schedule.  Each session will focus on a particular leadership skill.  Communication, conflict resolution, listening, team-building, decision making, and time management are a few of the skill areas that are covered.  During each session students will learn these skills through various hands-on activities, lectures, and small group projects.

 In addition to developing leadership skills, students will plan and implement a service project of their choice.  The purpose of the service project is to put their leadership skills to immediate use, allowing for solidification of those skills.  Once during the program, if the school chooses, participants will also take part in a residential retreat at the Boeger Lodge in Oregon, IL.  The purpose of the retreat is to take the participants out of the normal environment while challenging them to develop from a group into a team, putting their newly learned leadership skills to even further use.

 Retreat Services

Comfort, relaxation and flexibility await you at the Boeger Lodge.

Book a retreat at the Boeger Lodge and you will find:

  • A large meeting room with a 100 person capacity
  • Flexible meeting room arrangement both indoors and out
  • Modern AV presentation equipment, including WIFI access
  • A comfortable lounge area complete with a relaxing fireplace
  • A full-service kitchen with for self-cooking options *IL Food and Sanitation Licence required
  • On-Site sleeping accommodations for up to 42 people, available linen service

Contact Us:

For additional information please contact the Boeger Leadership Center Director at:

Boeger Leadership Center
2820 McFarland Road
Rockford, IL 61107